Earn Your Associates Degree while Working

Earn Your Associates Degree while Working

Becoming a Journeyman Carpenter involves more hours of classroom time and on-the-job training than most college degrees, yet it doesn’t come with one.

Knowing this, the Carpenters Regional Council in St Louis, MO, has created a program that allows carpenters and millwrights to earn their associates degree while they are working and training.

This “Earn while you learn” opportunity is available to journeymen and apprentices alike. Over the four years you are an apprentice carpenter, you divide your time between working in the field with your contractor and attending classes/shop training at the Carpenters Training Center.

Being paid even for training, you earn while your learn, moving up the pay scale on your way to becoming a journey-level carpenter. You will also take a handful of classes, at your own pace, at an approved college to complete your degree.

Apprentices will receive letter grades for current and future apprenticeship classes and “reviewed” credit for any apprenticeship classes taken previously at an approved college.

Journeymen will receive 45 credit hours for their experience and will only have to complete the 15 credit hours of general education requirements before receiving their degree.

When all is said and done, you’ll receive an Associate of Applied Science–Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology with no out of pocket cost.

To be eligible, you must be admitted to or participating in an apprenticeship program or have received your Journeyworker status. For more details on eligibility, contact your apprenticeship coordinator or other designated contact for the apprenticeship program.

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