St. Louis, Missouri is the Place to Be

St. Louis, Missouri is the Place to Be

St. Louis, MO might not be the first place that comes to mind when people talk about the places they would love to live, but it should.

Money Magazine ranks St. Louis in the top 5 best Cities for Jobs, based on affordability, job openings, job satisfaction, and pay. You can likely make more money in St. Louis and significantly cut your cost of living at the same time. In fact, simply working a normal job in St. Louis often allows families to live comfortably and still be able to save for vacations and retirement.

The cost of housing is also much lower than similarly sized cities. And the spots you get for your money are very nice. In the city, you’ll see hardwood floors, lots of brick and even historic homes. In the county and surrounding suburbs, you can find larger, new builds everywhere with plenty of things to do within a short driving distance.

If you read anything about St Louis, you’ve likely seen mention of how much you can do for free (and probably the frozen custard at Ted Drewes too). There are so many free things in the city that it would be hard to list them all here. The St. Louis Science Center; the award-winning St. Louis Zoo; the Contemporary Art Museum; the Cathedral Basilica, The Muny, and the list goes on. Here’s a more extensive list of everything free the city has to offer. Between that and the many different neighborhoods full of different restaurants and bars, it’s hard to get bored in St Louis.

Forest Park, the 6th most visited U.S. urban park, is a 1,300-acre destination with 45,000 trees. Literally 1.5 the size of Central Park in New York. And with the size, comes many features: There are 2 inexpensive golf courses, paddle boats, ice skating, museums and a lot more.

But wait, it gets even better if you’re a skilled craftsman. Union carpenters in the area earn up to $36 an hour and due to the weather patterns in St. Louis, they also normally work year round with no issues. They also have the opportunity of getting an associates degree through a union partnership with no out of pocket cost.

What are you waiting for? Apply for a job in St. Louis right now, and start living the lifestyle you deserve.